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Scent Profiles


Bay Rum - Smell like a pirate and plunder for some treasure with our Bay Rum Blend. This beard oil mixes a Bay Spice combination with a Citrus blend, Lavender, and Vanilla.

Business - When it is time to close the deal at work, or at the bar, make sure it happens with our Business Blend. This professional smelling beard oil mixes Sandalwood with a Citrus Spice combination and Vanilla. 

Citrus Spice - This blend starts with a Citrus combination and quickly rolls into a Clove/Spice mix with a hint of Vanilla and Citrus. 

Coffee - A deep and rich coffee scent with a vanilla overtone. After applying this oil you will feel like you are swimming in your morning cup of joe!

Golden State - Our Golden State Blend takes you on a journey through Northern California. Mixing Hops, Cedar, Fir, Citrus, with a dash of NorCal smoke to create this villainous scent that is as unique as Northern California.

Mint Chocolate - This scent is perfect for all seasons combining Peppermint and Chocolate. Anyone that enjoys the smell of mint chocolate chip ice cream, or andes mints, this is the scent for you. 

Lone Star - The Lone Star blends Balsam Fir, Bay, Bergamot, Cedarwood, and Tobacco to create a masculine cologne scent.

Outdoorsman - Smell like you just chopped down a tree in the forest while fending off a herd Honey Badgers with our Outdoorsman blend. This Beard Oil blend mixes Cedar and Patchouli with hints of a Citrus combination and Lavender.

Pacific - Our Pacific scent is perfect for an early morning pick me up with its initial hit of Eucalyptus that quickly transitions into a Citrus/Lavender/Rosemary blend. If you are looking for a refreshingly clean scent your lady will love... this one's for you.

Sandalwood - This scent gives you the clean, and popular, scent of Sandalwood with a hint of Vanilla.

Signature - Our Signature scent combines lavender, lemongrass, and verbena to give you an amazingly fresh scent that everyone will appreciate. 

Tobacco - This Tobacco Blend provides you with the perfect mix of Vanilla and Tobacco that will bring you back to your grandfather's tobacco shop. 

Trail Therapy Off-Road Special Edition Freedom - Combining Cedar, Fir, Pine, a Citrus Mix, and a Top Note of Citronella you get the perfect scent for an Off-Road adventure. 

Unscented - When your own man scent is enough, or you want to wear your favorite cologne and have a daper looking beard, pick up our Unscented Beard Oil.(Unscented beard oil does have light earthy scent when first applied which fades quickly.)